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Top 5 Free Punctuation and Grammar Checkers of 2018

Whether you are a blogger, editor, student, have to send emails regularly or have an office job, you probably deal with a lot of writing, and with writing a lot there comes the risk of making mistakes, whether it’s a typo, grammatical error or a simple spelling mistake. It can happen to the best of us, but in this day of age dealing with trivial problems like this is easy thanks to technology. Let me introduce you to Grammar Checkers. These are programs that can easily fix all the mistakes you make while writing. You do not have to waste your time proof reading whatever your write and you can write fast without worrying about embarrassing typos. They utilize a technology called Natural Language Processing. The best thing about this of type of software is that it’s mostly available for free.

Here’s a list of the top 5 free punctuation and grammar checkers currently available:


If you are looking for a grammar checker that is more towards the open-source side of the spectrum then Punctuationcheck Tool is what you’re looking for. Punctuation check Tool can easily detect grammatical errors that other grammar checkers cannot. The software highlights your grammatical error in an elegant pink and yellow. Not only can it correct your mistakes in English, but it can also do it in German, French, Spanish, Polish and 20 other languages. So if you write in languages that are new to you then Language Tool will be a great help in not only learning that language but also to prevent you from embarrassment. It is available on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft office, OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

2) Grammarly:

Grammarly is one of the most extensively used grammar checkers in the world.

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With millions of users worldwide! Not only will this program fix your spelling mistakes, but it will also give you detailed explanations as to why you were wrong. This will cut back your proof reading time to about zero. The program also has a built-in plagiarism checker. It also has a library of 400 grammar rules that in can refer to some of them include the subject-verb- agreement, proper use of articles and also conjugations. So, whether you are checking someone else’s work to check if it is original or not or whether you just want to make sure that whatever you have written is original, this will be a great tool to work with. The program is available on browsers and there is also a desktop version that can be used on word processors.

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If you don’t want to download an app and just want to cut to the chase, then Online Correction is your go-to Sentence checker. This tool doesn’t waste it’s time with fancy and excessive graphics, the website only has a text box where you paste the text that you want to proof read. Spelling mistakes show up in red and diction and other grammatical errors simply show up in green. Although this may not be as advanced as the other grammar checkers mentioned here, but is it quite robust and reliable. It will keep your job simple and will be sufficient for you simple proof reading requirements.

4) GrammarLookup:

Grammarlookup is another open-source grammar checker that is extremely easy to use and does, what it is supposed, to do very well. It is owned by the WordPress company. The software has a nice interface and always explains why it changed something and allows the user to learn from their mistakes and make better choices in the future. The contextual spelling checker prevents you from making spelling mistakes and uses the context to choose the correct words, for example, lose/loose, lie/lay, affect/effect and they/there/their. There are also options to use the program as a plugin on different platforms like WordPress and BuddyPress. You can also simply use it on your browser.

5) Ginger Software:

Ginger Software is an award-winning company and there is a reason for that; their grammar checker is one of the best in the world. Its grammar checker automatically detects mistakes and corrects them. There is also a sentence rephraser which takes an otherwise bland sentence and makes it more rich and interesting by using different synonyms. If you are a English learner this app will also act as your personal trainer, allowing you to improve your English. The Spelling Book feature also allows you to avoid embarrassing typos and is even smart enough to change the word to the correct one that the context demanded. The app is quite robust and the user interface is nothing but intuitive and very easy to grasp. Ginger Software is the most widely available app, being available on almost platform. The mobile version also gives you the option to customize the look of the app to however you please.


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