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20 Punctuation Memes You Show Know

20 Punctuation Memes You Should Know

Nobody is born a punctuation pro but then again learning them is not that hard either, we have listed 20 Punctuation Memes You Should Know that is not only incredibly hilarious but will have you second-guessing everything you thought you knew about commas, periods, and those sneaky ellipses. Get ready to laugh (and maybe learn a thing or two) all while being excited because these punctuation memes are absolute gold or dare I say…grammatical genius!

The Lack of Commas in this meme makes it sound ridiculous, When commas go on strike, you get some very confused. It’s a playful nod to the importance of punctuation in avoiding hilariously absurd misunderstandings. Remember, commas can make all the difference!

On the other hand, you do not want your life to be overtaken by too many unnecessary punctuation marks because it’s downright cringe.

Oh boy, this one is the cheesiest and an absolute classic!

When you use too many exclamation marks in a sentence!!! It’s like yelling at someone through text… but with extra enthusiasm!!!

Wish we had floating question marks like this in real life too, not only is it cool but it also eliminates the need to answer some of the world’s most ridiculous statements.

This might be the only intelligent meme on the internet that could educate the masses on the use of ELLIPSIS, don’t overdo it, folks!

A semi-colon gets plenty of hate and everyone is fine with it especially if you are a programmer.

Couldn’t have said it better, especially with Dr. Evil’s hand gestures for quotation marks.

Daily reminder that these “brackets” are called parenthesis, and they are in fact the most underrated punctuation mark in history. 

“When life gives you commas, dash it up for some extra drama! Dashes are perfect for when you need to insert a little theatrical flair into your writing!

This meme about apostrophes might have changed the way how I look at these punctuation marks. 

Interrobangs take things a step too far, perfect for those moments when you want to combine the surprise of an exclamation point with the inquisitiveness of a question mark.

Oh boy, The Ampersand indeed looks like homer simpson dragging his butt across the floor. So next time you forget how to write it on your assignment or paper, make sure you picture Homer Simpson making a fool out of himself.

Slashes shouldn’t be judged considering the fact they let you choose all of the options at once in a sentence, which kind of explains how indecisive it is.


A period can be a sentence stopper, however, a prisoner serving an endless term might, they might it might offer a glimmer of hope.


The asterisk might be the only punctuation mark that has become a symbol of mystery and hidden information.


Sometimes, even question marks have questions that might infuriate the exclamation mark.


Semi-colon has always been given lesser credit than they deserve, no wonder it’s always so emotional.


The use of a comma properly might be your one-way ticket to more bikes or none at all, so use it wisely.


In the courtroom of grammar, Judge Period always has the final say, but Quotation Mark still gets to have its two cents by being slimy.

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